Transportation Management System
Apconic’s Goodstrack is a leading global solution which has been implemented by multi-national corporations to streamline their logistics management. For a successful logistics solution, increased visibility, efficiency, optimization and configuration is crucial.Goodstrack Logistics is a platform that helps companies move freight from manufacturing units to their destination – in the most cost-effective and reliable way. The platform has different solutions that helps in transporting loads in inbound and outbound way. There are different modules such as Planning, Transporter selections, Inplant logistics, EPoD, Billing and Dispute management, which can optimize your operational processes. No matter what your businesses, locations or goals, Goodstrack – logistics can be configured to suit your needs, streamline operations and provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage for transportation and logistics management a SUCCESS!
Globally, the industries are undergoing a transformation with various innovations in terms of digitalization. With digitalization, Goodstrack can solve the major pain areas of any industry which are highly exposed to fragmented and unorganized data.Access to the reliable data from multiple interconnected locations on a single platform was difficult prior to digitalization. We have reduced human interventions and errors by reducing duplicate data entries from multiple locations.
Realtime Transportation Visibility
When it comes to managing transport operations, it's all about visibility. Customers are increasingly asking for granular visibility to their orders and shipments.Goodstrack provides end to end visibility and alerts in real time by providing information about in and out vehicle movements, loading/unloading status, approvals status, planned material dispatch with actual material dispatch, delayed deliveries because of breakdowns. With GPS technology, vehicles are tracked during transit and details show over a dashboard with maps powered by Google. With centralized data, companies have lesser dependency in reconciling data from concerned locations. Each location will have visibility of its own data and additionally head office can have visibility of premise data.Companies with real time dashboards can track their incoming and outgoing processes efficiently and quickly and mobile application is provided to transporters and drivers which will help provide a real time ETA to the end customer and also issues can be digitally resolved.
This simply defines how effectively or smoothly the day to day operations are conducted. Complex process like vehicle scheduling in parking yard can be automated, monitoring of vehicle at every location is possible without the dependency on any manpower, the system is designed to handle the vehicle flow load changes of a plant, vehicle movement can increase or decrease without affecting the system efficiency.System can even handle the dynamics of the rule changes for the vehicle flow as per business demands to avoid any chaos in the ongoing process. With digitalization, the physical movements of personnel from one department to other for manual paperwork procedures will be eliminated which in turn enhances efficiency.Also, Goodstrack provides audio visual guidance to ensure that the processes run smoother.With Turn Around Time (TAT) reports, bottlenecks within a process can be tracked and eliminated. As the logistics operations are managed in an effective manner, end customer relationship gets improved.
Cost Saving
To remain financially viable, cost savings is so important for any industry. With proper logistics planning and decision making, Goodstrack helps you balance between costs and performance.Cost savings with Goodstrack will be in terms of better resource planning, reduction in dispatch cycle and manpower optimization. Additionally, it can reduce paperwork printing as the data is digitized. With automation, manpower utilization is improvised hence reducing the cost due to manual errors.Inplant tracking allows the management to track real time location of each vehicle within premise hence in order to call or track a vehicle, no manpower is required to manually locate it. On-route tracking, when vehicle leaves for delivery to end customer helps companies find problem areas in their transportation logistics. Additionally, companies get to know details on unexpected delays that can potentially lead to additional transportation charges thus with quicker actions, cost can be saved effectively.
Automation has become the top agenda of logistics and transport companies for minimal or reduced human intervention and for streamlining processes via hardware operations.The integration of automation helps companies in meeting current growing business demands and additionally any future requirements can easily be fulfilled.Apconic's RFID based intelligent automation solution converts majority of manual operations such as parking yard entry & exit, vehicle inspection checklist, gate entry & exit, operator-based weighing, loader assignments, updating data in ERP into an automated process eliminating the possibilities of manipulations.Certain companies are opting a semi-automated solution where the existing infrastructure is utilized by adding an automation layer to it.
Business Process Improvement
Apconic’s subject matters experts analyze, suggests and help customer achieve the improvements factors in the business process by adapting the required and necessary digitalization along with the software that is best suited for their ever-evolving business.By visualizing the real time dashboards, trip reports and TAT analysis details, companies can quickly determine the bottlenecks in processes and follow the measures to resolve the same.Apconic is continuously working to adapt new technologies in their solutions so that it befits the current market IT trend and continuing the business process improvement of customer in the latest fashion. The process flow can be configured as per their current business requirements which let easy access of relevant data to multiple users for effortless process execution.
For any solution, integration with ERP system and accessing master data along with automatic data storage is the most crucial for any successful implementation, and with this integration, there will be no hassle for wrong data entry issues.The integration of logistics applications and ERP system is immensely beneficial to any manufacturing and distribution industry that is looking to increase efficiency, speed, and customer satisfaction across all its operations.Goodstrack provides out of the box easy integration with any third-party databases and supports multiple integration mechanism / data formats to suit business needs. Based on this integration mechanism, we have given inbuilt multiple connectors and endpoints as standards for efficient integration between these systems. Business transaction data that are created in ERP system can be transferred to Goodstrack for further planning and execution hence reducing duplicate data entries on different applications.Trips when completed or even if a step of the process gets completed in Goodstrack, its details can be pushed in real time to ERP system for any further processing.
Goodstrack helps in maintaining the plant security as it keeps a check on the vehicle movements within the plant as all vehicles are bound to follow the process strictly as per the instructions. Any deviation in vehicle movement, locations or time allowed can generate an alert alarm for the security team to take necessary actions. No vehicle will be allowed to leave or enter the plant or loading/unloading area until previous steps are completed.It even reduces the risk of any incident by reduced movement of the drivers as they are not required to go inside for any approvals on paper and also during the weight capture, they are not required to get out of their vehicle.Data captured are highly secured data with no provision for any alteration or manipulations which provided an upper hand in all audits.User management grants feature of controlled data access as per their authorization or purpose.
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