Goodstrack Inplant

Apconic's Goodstrack Inplant transforms truck movement within plant facilities through comprehensive digitalization, spanning gate entry, parking yard management, loading area operations, and gate exit. This innovation ensures unprecedented efficiencies, detailed log-keeping, and enhanced control throughout the entire process.

Benefits of Goodstrack Inplant System

Features Goodstrack Inplant System

Gate-Entry Management

Apconic's implementation of RFID/Fastag-based vehicle registration streamlines data collection and trip creation, resulting in a notable reduction in queues outside the plant without overburdening the security team. This system facilitates pre-determined permissions for vehicles and expedites document verification. Additionally, the option to include driver photos enhances record-keeping. The incorporation of Custom Masters further provides the advantage of maintaining detailed records, even about helpers accompanying the drivers.

Parking Yard Management

Apconic's system effectively regulates the number of trucks in the plant through vehicle scheduling based on FIFO/Priority principles. Drivers receive timely alerts regarding their turn to proceed to the next stage through crystal-clear displays, local-language vehicle-number calling, and SMS/IVR notifications. This system also enables tracking the time spent by each vehicle at different stages, enhancing overall process efficiency and transparency.

Weighment Process

Apconic's system efficiently manages the weighment process by automatically handling weight variations, tolerances, and exception approvals based on pre-defined conditions. Seamless integration with ERP allows for the smooth passage of trip details, gross, tare, and net weighments, facilitating comprehensive data capture for subsequent invoicing and receiving processes. This system is versatile, supporting multiple weighments for vehicles carrying various materials simultaneously.

Loader Area Management

Apconic's system efficiently manages the number of vehicles in loading/unloading areas by optimizing available space. It intelligently assigns vehicles based on the material manufacturing schedule, improving overall operational efficiencies. The system measures Turnaround Time (TAT) to effectively control the time vehicles spend in the area. Integration capabilities extend to Bag Counters, MRP printers, and silo-PLC, ensuring seamless coordination and data exchange across the entire process.

Gate Exit Management

Apconic's system enables lightning-fast communication with ERP for real-time verification of details before trip closure and invoice generation. This ensures accurate and up-to-date information, allowing for a seamless transition. The system maintains complete control with security protocols, ensuring thorough checks before a truck exits the plant premises for enhanced security and compliance.

Reports & Dashboards

Apconic's system offers pre-formatted, customizable reports that provide real-time information on vehicles at all stages. User-friendly dashboards offer easily digestible snapshots for continuous monitoring. With a dedicated report server, the system allows flexibility in customization, and data can be seamlessly exported to Business Insight Tools, facilitating better-informed management decisions.

Alerts & Notification

Apconic's system incorporates weight-deviation, time-deviation, and process-deviation alerts to minimize errors, whether intentional or unintentional. The system also sends notifications to the security department in advance, alerting them to vehicle and driver document expiries as well as regulatory requirements. This proactive approach ensures a smooth and compliant process by addressing potential issues before they occur.


Goodstrack has been meticulously designed to adhere to stringent software security guidelines and has successfully undergone thorough scrutiny through multiple Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) processes, as well as Architecture Review Board (ARB) evaluations by renowned companies. The inclusion of security solutions such as Single Sign-On (SSO) ensures peace of mind for your IT department by providing robust and reliable security measures.)