GoodStrack IoT Platform

Apconic's Goodstrack IoT platform offers reliability for unmanned weighbridges, entry/exit management, parking yard and loader area management. It efficiently oversees connected hardware devices in tandem with Goodstrack Inplant and client ERP systems. Its modular architecture and pluggable design facilitate seamless extension to PLC-based devices and new hardware.

Benefits Goodstrack IoT

Features Goodstrack IoT

Improved Visibility

Leveraging IoT, Goodstrack ensures comprehensive visibility of all trucks within the plant premises in real-time. The implementation of Areas and related readers automates the entire process, reducing human-related errors to zero and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Tailored to Industry Needs

The versatility of IoT in Goodstrack allows for programming tailored to the specific needs of various industries and plants. This includes precise alignment of vehicles on weighbridges, stable weight identification, timely detection of time-out errors, and alerts for weighment by-pass instances. This customization ensures optimal performance and adherence to unique requirements within different operational contexts.

Self Monitoring

IoT, as an intelligent software in Goodstrack, not only controls connected hardware devices but also monitors their health in real-time. The dashboard view provides users with a comprehensive health-check of all connected devices, minimizing downtime and facilitating rapid troubleshooting for efficient operations.

Integration with 3rd Party Softwares

The IoT capabilities within Goodstrack are highly versatile, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with ERP systems and third-party software. This adaptability enhances the application of IoT, ensuring smooth collaboration and data exchange across various platforms for comprehensive functionality.

Integration with 3rd Party Softwares

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