Unmanned Weighbridge

Apconic's unmanned weighbridge solution integrates our proprietary IoT software platform with top-tier hardware from global brands. Over time, we've ensured smooth operations on both uni-directional and bi-directional weighbridges, offering features like vehicle alignment guidance, stable weight identification, driver audio announcements, and automated boom barrier operation.

Benefits Unmanned Weighbridge

Features Unmanned Weighbridge

Weighbridge Entry

The driver presents an RFID card to the weighbridge entry reader, triggering the boom barrier to open upon successful authentication, accompanied by a green light and confirmation message on the display. Once authorized, the driver positions the vehicle on the weighbridge. Our customizable detection length capabilities ensure flexibility and efficiency.

Vehicle Alignment

Incorporating IR sensors, the weighbridge guarantees accurate vehicle alignment. Drivers receive audio notifications, along with a blue light indicator and message displayed, ensuring alignment accuracy. Upon successful alignment, both boom barriers automatically close.

Stable Weight & Weight Save

Once a stable weight is attained as per configuration, the driver is prompted to present their RFID card to the reader. Subsequently, the vehicle weight, along with photos of both the vehicle and driver, are captured, accompanied by a pre-recorded success message instructing the driver to exit the weighbridge.